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  • Module 1: The Stock Market : Fundamental Information for the brand new stock trader. What Is It?
  •  Module 2: Tools of the Trade: Brokers, Scanners, & Important Websites & Tools Professional Traders use
  •  Module 3: Reading Chart Patterns: What To Look At And Watch During Trading Hours
  • Module 4: Breakouts: When Is A Stock Loaded To Take Off So We Can Profit?
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  • Module 5: Advanced Techniques And Actions That Professional Day Traders Do Every Day
  • Module 6: Motivation & Psychology of Traders That Win vs. Traders That Lose
  • Module 7: Organize Your Time : The Best Times To Trade & Mastering Time Frames
  • Module 8: Watch Out!: 2 Things To Avoid In The Stock Market That Everyone Needs To Know About
Total Value = $1,299

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  • *BONUS*: Beginner SHORTING Section: Shorting Common Strategies & Intro
  • *BONUS*: Beginner SHORTING Section: Shorting Common Strategies & Intro
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