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Attn: Aspiring Day Traders

How To Earn A "6-Figure Living" From Day Trading Stocks Without Gambling Your Money Away 
(And Finally Beat Wall Street At Their Own Game)

It's Not Your Fault That You Haven't Been Able To Consistently Profit In The Stock Market

Wall Street loves to keep us in the dark, tells us to shovel money into their game for the long term, and quietly lines their pockets with our hard-earned cash. They have been lying to you, and making it harder for you to WIN! All you need is someone to show you the right strategy. And today, (like I've done with so many of my students before) we are going to do just that...

Look, you don't have to be lucky, talented, or even smart to make a living day trading stocks...

How do I know? because I went from earning minimum wage at various seasonal jobs (more on this later) to earning multiple 6 figures per year in day trading profits for more than 5 years in a row...

Hey, my name is Sean Dekmar

Here's a few of the things I've accomplished:

  •  Earned 6 figures+ in day trading profits every year for the past 5 years
  •  Traveled the world to incredible places like swimming with sharks in Hawaii, and playing with tigers in Africa
  •  Spoken on stages with top trading experts in the industry
  • ​Built a chat room where I live trade with over 1,000 members and share all my trades in real time Monday - Friday
  • ​Started the first ever Live Streaming Platform where anybody can stream their trades
  • ​Got my own custom scanners built from the ground up to help myself and my clients with our trading
  • ​Bought my DREAM cars (Mclaren and a Ferrari)
  • ​Hosted an event in NYC on Wall Street where 300 of the top investors joined us for a whole weekend to learn day trading
  • ​Bought my dad a car and helped my parents pay off their house
  • ​Sent my mom on her dream trip to Ireland
  • ​And so much more...

I'm not telling you these things to brag, I just want you to know what's possible...

In fact if you had told me that half of these things would happen 7 years ago, there's no way on Earth I would have believed you...

- I did not do well in school. I was never a great student, and I wasn't known for being smart.
- I did not graduate college.
- I was working as a minimum wage lifeguard during the summer, and at a snow tubing park in the winter. 
- I barely understood what a stock is, let alone how to trade them.

Now, you're probably wondering how I went from minimum wage to 6 figures minimum salary...

Well little did most of my friends at the time know, but I was spending ALL my free time learning to day trade stocks...

And I was TERRIBLE at it for a solid 2 years. I made every mistake, lost all my money, and failed miserably...

But instead of walking away, I doubled down! 

See, I knew that if somebody could do it, then I could do it too. There had to be a way to figure out this day trading thing and finally beat Wall Street at their own game! So I kept studying, paper-trading, and learning everything I could about the stock market...

But Why Day Trading? 

We all know that investing our money is a smart move, and 90% of the "experts" and talking heads will tell you to "invest for the long term." 

So why did I choose day trading instead? 

Well, it's simple really...

Long term investors look to get a 10-12% return within an entire year. In fact, that would be considered GREAT for most. It's certainly higher than average, which is around 6-8%...

BUT - Day Traders - We can see a 10-12% return on a SINGLE TRADE (And that's low)! We can even see stocks that move 100% in a single day! And imagine if you do 3 or 4 trades per week. All the sudden we start seeing closer to 20%-30% ROI for the year!

That is how I built my strategy and started practicing Day Trading consistently...

So After Years Of Staying Consistent With This 1 Strategy...

One day, it FINALLY happened...

This Years Profit: $521,854.45

I had my FIRST EVER $10,000 Day!

I felt ecstatic! After the years of studying, hard work, and sticking to my strategy, it was finally starting to pay off...

From there, I went on to earn $89,000 my first year...
$122,000 my second year...
$179,000 my third year...

I already earned over $500,000 in day trading profits! 
(See image below)

"Ok Sean, that's good for you - but what about me?"

You can do it too! Here's The Proof...

How do I know? 

Not only have I been able to repeat my results year after year after year...

But my students and clients from ALL walks of life have been having the same success with my strategy!

Even if you have NEVER bought a stock before, this strategy will work for you... 

Even if you have a very small brokerage account, this strategy will work for you (especially well for you)...

In fact, many of my students start with as little as $1,000 and are able to grow it to 5 figures or more in their very FIRST YEAR!

Just take a look at all these profits my students are making year after year 

And remember what I said before...

I'll be the FIRST to say...

I'm not smarter than you.

I didn't get handed any money. (my family is not wealthy)

I don't have any inside connections with Wall Street.

I don't have any crazy computer program that trades for me.

I don't have ANYTHING that you don't have. 

And neither do my students whose profits you can see on the right hand side here...

The great part about trading with them is this...

They are just regular people...

College Students

Stay at home Parents

Construction Workers

Government Employees


Factory Workers


Bus Drivers

The list goes on...

But what they are not is SPECIAL or LUCKY.

They work hard and follow the strategy.

That's how I KNOW that you can do this too!

And imagine what that would feel like...

Finally having the money to do what your heart desires...

Waking up when you feel like it because you don't have to be anywhere if you don't want to...

Spending your time doing what you feel like doing instead of punching the clock and working for someone else...

Finally feeling SAFE, like you will always be able to provide for your family because you have a skillset that earns profit...

Being able to travel and vacation to see the world because you can work from anywhere...

Building real WEALTH that lasts beyond your years, so you can make an impact beyond the limited number of years you are here on this Earth. 

All of these things and more can happen when you learn the strategies that we use every day...

This Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme...

We all know those things don't work. 

This is much better than that. 

It's not about getting rich overnight...

And it's not just a 'flash-in-the-pan' strategy that's working today and gone tomorrow...

This is about learning and mastering a skillset that will pay you forever! So you never have to worry about money again

Take a look at the results my students are getting Year after Year...







...And that's barely scratching the surface! My students have enough results to cover pages and pages...
Are you next?

I'm about to show you (first hand) how to go from a beginner stock trader to an advanced trader who can profit any day of the week, so you can earn a living from anywhere in the world and finally become a real professional day trader!

I'm finally about to unlock my secrets, and hand you the EXACT strategy I've been using for over 5 years to profit over 6 figures per year, every single year like clockwork!


The Complete Trading Course

My 4-Part Trading System For Becoming A Professional Day Trader

 Here's What's Inside...

Part 1: Introduction To Day Trading

  •  Stock Market Terminology, so you never get lost again when discussing day trading with your friends or in the chat room.
  •  How To Grow A Small Account, so you can start with a little bit of money and turn it into A LOT of profit!
  •  Core Building Blocks, so you can start to understand what to look for in a healthy stock that's ready to trade and profit.
  • ​Different Ways To Make Money In The Stock Market, so you know all your options for profiting consistently without missing out on the BIG plays!

Part 2: The Core Fundamentals Of Day Trading Success

  •  Trading Plan 2:1 Ratio, and WARNING: Avoid being THIS kind of Trader at all costs!
  •  Entries & Exits, so you can see how and when to buy a stock and how and when to sell a stock to profit big and feel great!
  •  Trend Lines, so you can finally start to understand the fundamentals of stock analysis and looking for your winning trades!
  • ​Breakout Chart Setups, so you can see where the BIG SPIKES are coming from before they get there and take action BEFORE everyone else!

Part 3: Technical Analysis of Day Trading

  •  Chart Setups, so you can spot the patterns before they happen and take action to make your winning trades!
  •  Filings, so you can finally understand what they mean and how they affect a stock!
  •  How To Find Hot News FAST, so you can get ahead of the game and be the first one to jump into position before the rest of the crowd and catch the rocket ship to profit heaven!
  • ​Indicators and Level II, so you know what to look for in a stock that's PRIMED to take off and make you lots of money.

Part 4: The Advanced Trader

  •  Shorting Bootcamp, so you can take short positions that beat the market every time! (80% of my profits come from THIS strategy!)
  •  Dip Buying, so you can buy LOW and sell when the stock starts coming back UP!
  •  WARNING: Manipulation, so you can avoid manipulated stocks 
  • ​The Psychology Of The Stock Market, so you finally understand what causes people to buy and sell stocks and you can take advantage of this knowledge by being in the right place at the right time! (My favorite lesson of all time worth over $1M to my trading career)


Get ALL 4 PARTS and Save Big On Your Stock Trading Education, So You Can Fast Track Your Way To The "6 Figure Day Trading Club!"

+ Plus Get These Awesome Bonuses For FREE (with Bundle):

Elite & Complete Guide 

Get the ORIGINAL material with everything Sean Dekmar used to get from $0 to "6 Figure Day Trading Club!" when he was first starting out. Value: $697

Total Trading Package Scanners

These trading scanners were custom-coded for Sean Dekmar by the CEO of Trade Ideas. Now you get them absolutely FREE as part of getting the bundle. Total Value: $899

Bonus 1: Your Candlestick Cheat Sheet

Finally! Understand what to look for when you are looking at candlesticks so you never miss a big breakout!

Bonus 2: Your Terminology Worksheets

Never get lost when talking to other traders about the stock market and day trading again!

Bonus 3: Your Very Own Trading Journal

Track your trades so you can see your progress happen in real time as you grow your account to new levels!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Difference Between This And The "Complete Guide & Elite" Ultimate Trading Course? 
The 4 Part Trading System in this Complete Trading Course was created this year, in 2021 using Sean Dekmar's latest and greatest strategies for day trading. The Ultimate Trading Course was created a few years ago. over 500 people have enjoyed that course, and used it to get more profits. This is just a revamped and more in depth version with newer and more relevant info! If you liked that course, you're going to LOVE this one!
Can I Purchase Just 1 or 2 Of The Courses Without Getting The Bundle?
When you head over to the page to purchase the course by clicking one of the big blue buttons on this page, you will see you have the option to purchase each part individually, or bundle them all together and save a bunch of money! We always try to give you the best deals possible so we figured we would help you save if you invested in the entire bundle. If you want to purchase 2, you will need to purchase 1 at a time. After your purchase you will see a button that will bring you back to the order page to order the second part. 
Is There More Content In The Course Than There Is In The TradeCaster Video Library?
There is a ton of content in this course - over 34 hours of valuable video content, plus the bonus pdf's and resources that will help you take your trading to the next level as fast as possible! Not only is this content not in the video library, but it is hand picked with the end in mind. We reverse engineered what it takes to become a successful day trader, and started there when we chose the videos  and tools that would go into this 4 Part Trading System - and then we put them in chronological order to take a trader from point A (beginner) to point B (advanced trader). Even if you are not a beginner, this course is designed to take you to the next level...What are you waiting for? Let's GO!!!
Does This Give Me Lifetime Access To The Course And The TradeCaster Chat?
When you invest in the 4 Part Trading System today, you will have lifetime access forever. This does NOT include access to the TradeCaster chat. While we would love to trade live with you and encourage you to join us over on TradeCaster, it wouldn't be fair to our regular members to offer you a free membership to the best trading community on the internet. 
What Kind Of Content Is Available For This Course? (Videos, Live Chat, PDF's, etc?)
This is video content - 34 amazing hours of content with no FLUFF or BS, so you can cut through all the noise and focus on the things that truly matter. Beyond that, there are BONUS pdf's that come with the FULL BUNDLE package, that will allow you to track your trades and get to the next level in your trading career even faster!
How Do I Access The Content After I Purchase It?
After you purchase the content, you will be taken to a membership area. This membership area is separate from TradeCaster and all other sites. It will have you create a brand new login with your email and password. After you create your login, SAVE the URL, so you can login to your brand new 4 Part Trading System at any time using that same information. 
Is This Mobile Friendly?
Absolutely! You can access this course anywhere that you have access to the internet. :)